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Because to help all available hands are required, be part of this large family committed to the education and training of future generations of our society

Why your help is so important

Despite the challenges facing our community, our work is made possible mainly by the support of generous people in our community and abroad. We rely on people like you to donate to our programs and appeals so we can provide vital short and long-term help to children in our community.

You Can Help

Currently, there are over 200 children who are in need of being sponsored by a padrino, or godparent. Sponsored children receive money for education costs, uniforms, three healthy meals a day and medical insurance. We pay school fees for these boys and girls, and buy their school uniforms, books and supplies.
In addition, we strive to support children and their families with other essentials such as food, medical and dental care, crisis intervention counseling, clothing, career mentoring while they battle the dynamics of poverty.
Our direct cost to care for each child is $208 USD per month for a child who lives with his/her own family. We ask you to help sponsor a child with an amount within your budget. Unlike almost all other charities, we do not set a fixed amount to sponsor a child, and many sponsors donate less than this. We suggest a monthly donation of $39 USD to help us cover for meals while we compensate for the other services with our own fundraising efforts.

Ways to help

Celebrate with us!

Share the joy of your special day by turning it into a fundraiser!

Rent our facilities

We receive cash donations for events, conferences and parties. Our facilities include a gym, sport courses, an outdoor amphitheater, conference rooms, dance room with wooden floor and a garden.

General cash/ online or in-kind donations
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