Corporate Partnerships

We believe that corporate partners are uniquely positioned to create sustainable change in the lives of the most vulnerable children, families, and communities.

That’s why we engage corporations in different ways to effectively maximize the impact of their skills, resources, and reach.

You can partner with HECAT to:

Build customer loyalty

Retain and attract passionate consumers
willing to back your brand.

Engage staff

Motivate, unite and empower staff
by creating a culture of giving.

Stand out from the pack

Align your brand with a better
future for children and communities
around the world.

How does it affect your company?

By 2025

Los millennials conformarán las tres cuartas partes de la fuerza laboral global:


consider a company’s

Social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work.


would take a pay cut

to work for a socially responsible company.

By 2020

Generation Z (those born from1995-2010) will account for 40 percent of all consumers:


want their work

to make a difference


believe companies

should help address social and environmental issues

3 in 5

millennials think more

of a company that supports worthy causes

Over 50%

feel increased loyalty

to that brand


of global consumers

believe business should address societal issues.

You want to transform your business; we want to transform the world.

Change making doesn’t just take place on the field – it can start in the workplace. A partnership with HECAT can help you engage staff, deliver on corporate social responsibility, save on tax and boost your business’ visibility and integrity.

Ways to get involved include

  • Providing corporate donations and grants
  • Teaming up on cause-marketing campaigns and sponsorships
  • Engaging employees in workplace giving
  • Creating partnerships of shared value that align with your business objectives
Pay it forward whilst growing your business.