What is HECAT?

Train new generations, contributing to the reconstruction of the social fabric through quality bilingual education for low-income children; generate equal opportunities and providing peace-oriented education through a comprehensive program complemented with nutrition.
To be an institution that transforms the vision of the community towards a proactive panorama and to reduce the levels of school desertion; to extend the program from 2º of preschool to 3º of secondary
Respect, tolerance, commitment, responsibility, justice, humility and solidarity.
Provide the student with the necessary knowledge to place them on equal opportunities. Make gender equity prevail, instill strong values and consolidate the commitment of parents in the education of their children. Strengthen the links with other institutions that work to restructure society.

¿Why does HECAT exist?

HECAT was born in 2011 with the desire to contribute to the reconstruction of our social fabric, designing a program focused on families with low economic resources that seek the opportunity of a high-quality education for their children.

Mexico’s population is estimated around 130 million inhabitants, out from which a 45.5% suffers from poverty.

The current unemployment rate and meager wages, ranging from $3.10 to $3.34 USD a day, has triggered a crisis in our region and has enabled the spread of organized crime, violence and insecurity day by day. Our country registers a 5.25% unemployment rate, while Coahuila a 6.36%, being the second highest in the country.

Further alarming is the fact that Torreón registered a 7.7% unemployment rate, being the highest in our state with 28 thousand unemployed citizens.

Last year in Mexico, around 5200 children and young people abandoned their studies during the 200 days marked by the school calendar, according to data from the Ministry of Public Education. School desertion is an attack on the right to education and impacts on the economic and social development of the country.
Hermandad Educativa CAT: “Educational Brotherhood) CAT (HECAT) anticipates the transformation of the standard educational model by developing a comprehensive program in extended hours that covers bilingual education and nutrition for children ranging from 2nd grade of
preschool to middle school, which seeks to counter dropouts in basic education.